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How Obsessed With Coffee Are You?

My name is Robb Sutton and I am obsessed with coffee. The smell...the taste...the lifestyle that surrounds boutique blends and mass produced coffee houses...I love to take it all in and share it on Coffee Obsessed. Check out the reviews and editorials...I'd want to hear your thoughts and comments...


Coffee Obsessed…the name in itself gives you an idea of the content. I am purely and compulsively obsessed with coffee. The smell, the taste and the life that surrounds these fantastic beans gets me up in the morning and puts my head to sleep at night.

Coffee Obsessed is my outlet to give you guys my coffee thoughts, reviews and life as we partake in the obsession that is the roasted brown bean.

What Can You Expect On Coffee Obsessed?

  • Coffee Reviews
  • Coffee Equipment and Accessory Reviews
  • Coffee Editorials
  • General Coffee Thoughts and Rants

If there is something that sparks my interest and is coffee related, you can expect to find it here on Coffee Obsessed.

Who Is Robb Sutton?

Want to know more about me? Here is my resume/bio.

Robb Sutton is the owner of the oneninety8 blog network. As an accomplished blogger, amateur photographer (just good enough to get myself into trouble with my Nikon!) and obsessed cyclist, Robb unloads his interests on the web via blogging.

Named one of IncomeDiary.com’s 50 Most Influential Bloggers of 2009, Robb enjoys spreading his obsessions with other like minded individuals on the web. You can check out Robb’s other blogs below:

Bike198.com – Cycling tips, reviews and more.

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